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Whatever you may encounter during your visit at Eastman, you will be welcomed as a guest, looked at as part of the community, and treated like family. Well worth the scenic drive up I-89, any trip to Eastman will reward you not only with a great golf course to play, but also a sense of belonging to a community not found in very many places.

New England is a special place to live, and unlike anywhere else, we are set apart by name from the rest of the country. Within that community you will find our beautiful home of New Hampshire. And within the “Live Free or Die” state you will find Eastman, a community that is truly special for all the right reasons!

After following signs (stay to the right from the entrance) you will find your way to the clubhouse and pro shop. If you are so inclined, grab a pre-round bite to eat at the beautiful Forbes Tavern upstairs. They feature a great selection of local craft brews, a wonderful outdoor deck and indoor seating with great views of the course, and Owner Eric Calhau always has something delicious cooking in the kitchen. A stop at the turn or after the round is an absolute must!

While Eastman may have the look and feel of a private course/community, it certainly welcomes anyone with open arms. This becomes apparent as soon as you check in at the pro shop. Friendly smiles and upbeat attitudes are always a positive thing, especially right before you make your way to the first tee!

The first tee box sends you down a relatively gentle welcoming opening hole featuring a very slight dogleg right with a bunker at the bend. And away we go! Next up is the #1 handicap hole, a bending par 5 that will likely take three shots to reach the green. So much for that gentle welcome. Just kidding, don’t be intimidated by the handicapping, make your par and move on to the 3rd hole, a short iron par 3 with a very receptive green. The rest of the front flows quite nicely from hole to hole, with each hole having its own easy flow. This is an essential, often overlooked, quality of any good golf course, and Eastman is certainly right at the top of the list. So naturally, as you finish the front, the cart path takes you from the 9th green to the pro shop and Forbes Tavern, and then on to the 10th tee box. Stop and get what you need for the back, a sleeve of balls, a sandwich or some White Mountain Munchies, or maybe just a couple of cold beverages from Peter up in the tavern.

The second half of the Eastman track is equally as enjoyable as the first, maybe even more so, as there are several water hazards that come into play. I personally enjoy some water as it often adds a nice aesthetic to any hole. Just be sure not to let the visual get in your head as many times the sight of the splash zone can lead to a misfire headed straight for the drink! Block it out, hit your normal shot, and enjoy the view.

Eastman Golf Links is full of views and is perfectly sculpted through the community that bares its name. Carved from the wooded areas surrounding the homes within Eastman, there are multiple elevation changes with sentry boxes to hit along the way to signal the group behind you that is safe to hit, as you clear out from the blind tee-shot landing areas. You maybe even be fortunate enough to spot some wildlife during your round. While my group was on the fourth hole, we were briefly joined by a fox that casually made its way past us just a few yards away! 

A Community To Call Home

I want to take you with me to a smaller community within the Granite State that has a beautifully sculpted golf course that seems to be tucked away from public view just enough to seem intended for use by only those who can fully appreciate its serene splendor. Come with me to Eastman Golf Links…

Depending on your starting point, you will need to travel up I-89 to Grantham/Eastman off exit 13. A couple of quick right turns puts you at the entrance to the Eastman community. A casual drive along the winding roads of Eastman reveals the beauty of this area to any visitor. Views of the golf course, hiking trails, and of course the lake front throughout the sprawling grounds will have you wishing you were spending your summer nights here sleeping under the stars. This is a place that anyone would be happy to call home.

    One common human need is togetherness, companionship if you will. It is not good for us to be alone. One of the many ways we as people conquer this challenge is through community. That community can be of any size, and often comes in many different varieties, but the common thread is the fellowship with other people of a common interest. Having your own little group within a larger population. Not being alone.

For folks who have grown up here in the northeast, we have always had an extra little bit of that built into who we are. We live in a unique region of the United States, which even has its own name, New England. New Englanders are known for many things throughout our great country, and we are widely viewed as somewhat of a separate community. Within that community we have the greatest of all the 50 states, New Hampshire!