As golfers, we learn to deal with adversity in a number of different ways. Trying to save par from a high-lipped, greenside bunker for example. Even more so, we face numerous challenges as we travass along this journey of life. There's a saying I've heard that I like to cling to sometimes; "It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up." Life is full of trials and tribulations, how you handle them will help define the person you become.

The Golf-a-thon was a success, but not without a few speedbumps along the way. Our initial date was rained out. While gathering donations, the credit card processing system we were using wrongfully thought there was an unauthorized transaction and shut our account down, refunding all donations to that point. And lastly, on the make-up date, we were greeted with a 2 hour frost delay, eventually moving to a different course in order to get as many holes as possible!  

Some people may have thrown in the towel, but I used mine to wipe down my clubs and get to golfing!

As for the day itself, it was a mixed bag. I mentioned there was a frost delay that held us up and cost money from people who sponsored per hole. Of course this was frustrating, but a complimentary bucket of balls at the range to warm up certainly helped calm the aggravation. After much deliberation, the decision was made the make the quick trip to Pembroke Pines, which ended up being a decision that saved our day. After hours of waiting around, followed by another 20 minute car ride, it was finally time to tee it up!

We were able to get right out once we got to PPCC and we hit the ground running. Scores were not important, although proper golf was adhered to throughout the day. Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and supporting of our cause. Folks let us play through a couple of different times in order to keep us moving, and that was very much appreciated.

As we were making our way into our 3rd round, we encountered another problem. We were running out of daylight. It was time to return the cart, and the day had taken it's toll on us. Despite the desire to keep going, it was time to call it a wrap.

We were set to tee off at 7am at Canterbury Woods. Looking forward to a great day at a great course, but the weather had other plans. While waiting out the frost delay, the staff had called over to their 'sister course' Pembroke Pines to see if they could accommodate us. 

Without the help of the outstanding staff at both courses, we would not have been able to pull off the event. Especially Kim and Landon at Canterbury, and Rose at Pembroke Pines.


Special thanks to Chuck LaFauce, Josh Porter, everyone who donated, and the staff at Canterbury Woods and Pembroke Pines for all of their hard work and help making this event happen!



to benefit the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock

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All in all we were able to raise almost $1000 from our first fundraiser! This is incredibly encouraging to me as I am already planning a series of charity events for next year! Stay connected to NHgolfer through Facebook, Instagram, as well as here for more information!

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