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While GPS rangefinders and watches can get expensive very quickly, a variety of different smartphone apps have found their way into mainstream use with free versions that include upgradable levels available for purchase. Most golfers tend to find these to be sufficient, especially considering their handicap levels compared to the cost of a GPS tool or top of the line rangefinder. After all, it is a lot less expensive to make a trip to the Google Play Store than drop a few hundred bucks on a nice golf watch!

For anyone who has ever used any of these golf GPS apps, you already know that there is only one name that you look for! And for those who have yet to try it out, GolfLogix offers the best golfing GPS app available! Not only is it free for use, but there is also an outstanding green reader available with this app. The phone app is outstanding, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who golfs and is not quite on that level to make the investment into the pricier GPS equipment currently out on the market. 

​I am not going to specifically talk about the GolfLogix app right now. If you do not already have this app on your phone, stop reading and download it now, you can thank me later. Although the app is indeed awesome, when I got the message about doing a product review for GolfLogix, I got excited about a totally different product that, at the time, I did not even know that they offered! 

As I mentioned, most golfers that get out more than a few times each summer already know about the great GolfLogix phone app. Another thing we know is that there is a plethora of different ways to enjoy your afternoon on the course. What GolfLogix supplies through their Green Maps & Yardage Books just might be my new favorite! Their phone app is great for getting an exact yardage for your second and/or approach shots, but when you are on the green, there is something different about these books!

I do not want to misconstrue my thoughts here or create any confusion. The GolfLogix app is great and I have found it to be extremely accurate and useful from tee to green. I think the strength of the app, at least for me, is when I am hitting my second shot and making my approach to the green. What the Green Maps give me are not only super precise reads of the slopes and angles of the greens, but with the topographical features for each green, I can easily determine not only the right read for the putt but the proper speed and touch needed to take advantage of my birdie opportunities! For my money, there is no better tool for this than the GolfLogix Green Maps & Yardage Books!

One other dynamic and intangible feature of the GolfLogix Green Maps & Yardage Books is what they do when you pull them out of your back pocket. I can recall watching the different majors on television and just before there was a big moment, you would see Arnie, Jack, or Tiger reach into their back pocket to check the yardage, and then stick a dart next to the cup that sends the crowd into a frenzy! Maybe it’s just the kid in me that gets wrapped up in feeling like a tour pro reading his yardage book, but there is a mystique in that moment, if you want it. Remember, golf is a game, have fun with it!

For us weekend warriors, that is what it should really be about anyways, having fun. If you have yet to accept it, here is your hard dose of reality for the day: you are never going to make it to the Pro Tours. Sorry to shatter your dreams, join the club, welcome to golf. So, when you go out there, get your moneys worth and have some fun with your round! And we all know there are not many things more fun when golfing than sinking a long birdie putt. Let me be the one to tell you firsthand that there is nothing out there that you can add to your golf bag to help make more birdie and par putts than the GolfLogix Green Maps and Yardage Books!   

To get your own GolfLogix Green Maps & Yardage Books, visit now! 


 Every golfer is looking for some way to improve on their game. If we can find anything that can shave a stroke or two off the scorecard, we will take it! Anything to give me an edge! Just give me something!

I am sure, like me, you have tried many different odd and end items that are said to help you out on the links, only to find your number at the end of the round looking eerily similar to the last fifteen times you played! There is literally a near-endless supply of strange gadgets and gear out there that will help drain your wallet with little to no return, so be sure to steer clear of those. But if you were to ask golfers what the single best product to purchase would be to help lower your score, you would get one overwhelming answer: some type of GPS unit.

GolfLogix App and Green Maps&Yardage Books