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 As golfers, we all set goals for ourselves in different aspects of our game. Anything from chipping to bunker shots to getting longer off the tees, it all comes down to one thing; lowering your score. And while what you are working on to help your handicap may not be the same as what I am trying to improve upon, we do share that common goal of smaller numbers on our scorecards. With so much instructional information available at your fingertips these days, it can be difficult to filter through it all without getting lost. Taking a lesson from a certified PGA pro is your best bet, but even that may not be good enough. Chances are that one lesson alone will not fix your woes, so now you could be looking at a much larger investment for a series of lessons.

What if there was one single item that could help every golfer, at every level, improve their game?

 The skill part is up to each of us individually as golfers. The BGT Stability Shaft significantly reduces some of the variables that get in between your skill and your success. If your putter is moving slightly at impact because of the flexural rigidity or the putter head is slightly angled or coming up at impact due to torsional rotation, it is preventing you from being “as good as you can”. The Stability Shaft was designed to improve your putting performance by reducing torsional rotation, limiting excess movement through the putting motion, and reducing torque by nearly 50% in order to deliver the club face more square at impact. This was accomplished mainly by using high modulus carbon fiber, a 22 gram aluminum insert, and a 7075 aluminum connector that is 5 times stronger than stainless steel. You could be better if not for the equipment getting in your way. The BGT Stability Shaft is a breakthrough that is now being used on various tours, including the PGA and LPGA, that it will help any golfer that is ready to try it.

 I have had the opportunity to try out this amazing product, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to shave a few strokes off their score. Once you roll just a few putts, you begin to notice the difference. Like Barney had told me in our conversation, the Stability Shaft is meant to give you a more true and consistent impact. Because of the unique design and engineering, it also has the ability to give you instant feedback on your putting. By nearly eliminating all of the variables that may exist with a traditionally-shafted putter, you are able to recognize what it is in your technique that may be slightly flawed. Not only does the Stability Shaft improve your putting as soon as you begin to use it, but it will also help you to continue to improve, a truly remarkable product.

 You know the old saying; “Drive for show, putt for dough”. While it may be fun to crush a 300yd drive, we all know that performance on the greens is where it matters most. On average, the putter is used a whopping 41% of the time in a typical round. When you consider how often you use the flat stick, it makes perfect sense to optimize the club you use more than any other, and no other product out there can do this for you like the BGT Stability Shaft.


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 Thanks to the innovative genius that first introduced the world to the Tight Lies fairway wood, there now exists such a product. Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf, is back with his new company Breakthrough Golf Technology, and they have recently released yet another game-changing product that has already begun to take the world of golf by storm. The BGT Stability Shaft is a technological advancement in an area that has been ignored and overlooked by equipment manufacturers for years, the putter. While many improvements have been made to the heads of putters, which has yielded some interesting and unique results, the shaft has mostly been an afterthought. We know the difference a shaft can make on a driver, and likewise for wedges and irons, so why has the putter been neglected for so long?  

 That’s a bit of a tough question to answer, but thankfully a colleague of Mr. Adams brought this up to him one day years ago and that conversation sparked the idea for the Stability Shaft. What would soon follow were countless hours of research and development, and over two years of precisely controlled testing to give birth to this game-changing piece of equipment. Just as he had done more than two decades ago, Barney Adams and his team had set out on a revolutionary mission to enhance a golf club in order to help every golfer improve their game.  It should come as no surprise that in 2010 Barney Adams was awarded the Ernie Sabayrac Award for lifetime contribution to the golf industry by the PGA of America.

 I recently had the honor of speaking to Mr. Adams, who after I initially addressed him as such, insisted that I call him Barney. What was intended as an interview quickly turned into a casual conversation. Barney is very humble, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. The kind of guy you want to go play 18 with on a lazy afternoon. We talked about the weather differences we were experiencing, snowy and cold here in New Hampshire, 70’s and sunny out there in California. We naturally talked quite a bit about golf, which eventually lead us into Barney giving me his backstory. How he had founded Adams Golf, the motivations for his golf innovations, and how he came to start his newest company, Breakthrough Golf Technology. As was the case some 25 years ago, Barney recognized a way to help golfers improve upon their game. As he said to me: “We want you to be as good as you can”.

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