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What Is The NHgolfer Tour Card?​by Gregg Ford

​I have mentioned before that my favorite thing about golf is the charitable nature of the game and those who play it. Recently, I had the opportunity to play in a different type of fundraiser tournament...(click here for full article)


The Backbone of N.H. Golf

​by Gregg Ford

From the seacoast to the White Mountains to the Connecticut River, New Hampshire offers something for everyone in an array of beautiful golf courses and scenery. But despite the wide variety of landscapes available, if you are planning a golf trip in the Granite State...(click here for full article)



Product Review:
​Zoriz Golf Sandals

​by Gregg Ford

There are different ways to enjoy the game of golf. Playing in a league, local charity tournament, or just out with some friends on the weekend. And likewise, there are different ways to make your time on the course that much more enjoyable...(click here for full article)

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Water is Your Best Friend

​by Gregg Ford

More often than not, the idea on the golf course is to avoid the water. While you certainly do not want your ball taking a cool dip on a hot day, water can be the difference maker in keeping you in good condition for the entirety of your round....(click here for full article)

Product Review: Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Putter Shaft                         ​by Gregg Ford

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