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Some of us who consider ourselves “die-hard” golfers have already been out and played a couple rounds this year...

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So, you’ve brought your clubs down from their Winter storage space in your closet. Time to check your bag to make sure you’re ready to rock when you step up to the 1st tee... (click here to read full article)

​​​Hello, and let me welcome you to This site is intended to provide you with everything you need to know so you can fully enjoy your round of golf and truly make the most of your day. (click here to read full article)

​Save the Derryfield
​By Gregg Ford   

The Derryfield Country Club in Manchester is doing some construction work this summer, and as a result will only have 9 holes open. The "Old 9" as it's known... (click here to read full article)

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Spring has Sprung...Sorta

​By Gregg Ford 

A Day In The Life

​by Gregg Ford

​I recently received a message from an old friend letting me know that he had an extra spot in a “pretty prestigious” tournament coming up in a few days, wondering if I’d be available to join...(click here for full article)

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Welcome to

​By Gregg Ford 

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Pack Your Bags!

​By Gregg Ford

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Manchester Mini-Masters 

​by Gregg Ford

​I have mentioned before that my favorite thing about golf is the charitable nature of the game and those who play it. Recently, I had the opportunity to play in a different type of fundraiser tournament, the Manchester Mini-Masters! ...(click here for full article)

By Gregg Ford 

For a few weeks a year in New England, the trees shed their emerald green leaves and put on a display of colors that hypnotizes your eyes and soothes your soul. (click here to view full article)


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by Gregg Ford

Golfers will endure nearly anything if they are given a chance to tee it up somewhere. (click here to read full article)